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It is Thursday of Back to School Week!  If you missed the previous days, I published my first day plans, curriculum changes and how I revamp my review.

I have enjoyed shopping for back to school items since I was in elementary school!  Even now, I enjoy getting a few items for back to school.  The first thing that I get is a planner from Michael’s.  I also like all of the stickers, and I buy one new pack a year to decorate my planner.  I prefer the Creative Year because it held up better for me.  Either Sunday or Monday (first thing!) throughout the year, I will add all of the important dates to my week which helps me plan.  The stickers make it even more fun to plan my upcoming week!  Plus, I always use my 40% off coupon or go when the planners et al are on sale.

I always go to the outlets and buy a new cardigan or two.  Even at the beginning at end of year, my room is freezing!  I need something to wear while I am inside.

After these items, I will splurge on a few items to hang up in my classroom.  Rarely will you see pictures of my classroom because I am not known for my decorating skills.  Last year, I had THREE bulletin boards.  I know this is wonderful news for some crafty and decorating skilled teachers, but I cringed.  On one board, I made a “Squad Goals” bulletin board which had postcards of portraits by Spanish artists and pictures from my People en Español magazine.

I also like having a word wall bulletin board.  I bought this rejoiner poster set to display.  Next year, I want to use this for the password, so I can display the word on my door.  But, I loved having it in my room this past year.  Some of my more inventive students would use them in their writing!

This year, I still have the three bulletin boards!  (I even reminded my mom that I used to help her with her bulletin boards when I was younger in hopes of “soliciting her help” at the beginning of the year!)  I am planning on putting up these high frequency verbs poster set that I purchased last year.  I have both present and past.  I will start with the past because I primarily want my level 3 and 5 to use them; however, I will change over to present tense later in the year for my level 1.

Also, if you have some time and want to play around with making your own signs, I recommend this post on DIY Decor from Ashley.  She also claims not to be artsy- so it looks like something everyone can do!

The Target Dollar Spot normally has some cute banners that I will hang on one of my bulletin boards or my extra whiteboard.  They are normally under $5 and have held up well over the years.

Finally, I have downloaded and laminated these question word posters to use in class as well.  They have held up nicely throughout the years.

What is your favorite back to school buy that you get each year?




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