Important Announcement: Seal of Biliteracy!

Global Seal of Biliteracy

In the past month, We Teach Languages has been posting a series of podcasts about the Seal of Biliteracy.  I have been following along, but unfortunately, my students haven’t been able to qualify in the past because I teach at an independent school.  While students have been able to earn the Seal in more and more states, it is still not available for everyone… until now!  In the past few days, the Global Seal of Biliteracy has been launched!

The Global Seal of Biliteracy is a standard set of requirements that recognizes students at the intermediate mid or advanced low level.  Any school can apply for it and actually employers can also look into it for their employees as well.  All of the standards will be rolled out by January 1st, 2019, but I would encourage you to sign up to make sure you learn more information.

You can learn more about the Global Seal at their website and also follow them on Twitter!  I am so excited about what this means to both language teachers AND students.  I believe that it will further empower our students to keep up with their language skills and also see how valuable they are.  Make sure to spread the news to your colleagues!

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