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#AuthRes August

Over 70 Authentic Resources for Spanish class

Sara-Elizabeth started #authres August.  Authentic resources are resources that are made by native speakers for native speakers of your target language.  I have seen some true engagement by my students over authentic resources because they are proud that they can understand it.  Many times, authentic resources also have a lot of culture embedded in them.  But, they can definitely be difficult to find!  There have been times when I have been hitting myself over the head late at night watching video after video trying to find the perfect video for my class.  Although I have shared many of my authentic resources on my blog (with accompanying activities) and on Pinterest, I wanted to create another list here.  I will also add other resources that I have found recently by category.  I did list some twice if they would work in multiple units.

Hope that these helped you!  Recently, I also wrote about how I find authentic resources.  If you have an authentic resource to share, hop on over to Musicuentos to share yours!




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