#AuthRes August

Over 100 of my favorite authres

Sara-Elizabeth started #authres August.  Authentic resources are resources that are made by native speakers for native speakers of your target language.  I have seen some true engagement by my students over authentic resources because they are proud that they can understand it.  Many times, authentic resources also have a lot of culture embedded in them.  But, they can definitely be difficult to find!  There have been times when I have been hitting myself over the head late at night watching video after video trying to find the perfect video for my class.  Although I have shared many of my authentic resources on my blog (with accompanying activities) and on Pinterest, I wanted to create another list here.  I will also add other resources that I have found recently by category.  I did list some twice if they would work in multiple units.

Updated for 2017!  I have added even more of the resources that I used last year.  Also, Sara-Elizabeth mentioned authentic resources for true novices in her post.  I have created a new section for novices along with how I would use them.  (Hint! A lot of it involves editing!)  Although you also have to reflect on your first unit and then find some that work for you.  I really emphasize cognates in the beginning of the year in both Spanish I and II, so many of these help students start to recognize cognates.

  • General favorites
  • Novice authentic resources
    • Use a TV schedule: Many of the TV shows are similar or the same to English.  Then you can easily ask about the time or day as many teachers include that in the first few weeks.
    • The same goes for a movie website!  Students should be able to navigate around this website with minimal help from you to find some cognates and compare what movies are showing in the US versus Spain.
    • Another schedule that would be easy to use is the NFL schedule on Fox Deportes.  This also would be engaging for your students early in the year.
    • I love these infographics about what I like about fall and five things that I like with plenty of pictures of help bolster understanding.
    • Turn the Weather.com website into Spanish early on to incorporate into your daily weather routine.  It has great graphics to boost understanding and you can discuss the difference between Celsius and Fahrenheit.  We used to guess what we thought the conversion would be which was fun.  Also, it is so easy to focus on one country a month and pop over to see their weather.  I really encourage JUST picking out the information you need, screenshot it and ignore the rest.  There can be a lot of overload.
    • Super pop is gone!  I loved using the fichas on the website.  I have found these new fichas, but they are much shorter.  They could still be used for beginning students.
    • Finally, I was skeptical about finding some videos for beginning students, but I found some cute videos that revolve around very little language on McDonald’s España!  Plus, they are pretty funny!  These would be VERY motivating for students that they could understand them.  I would recommend these as a starting activity one day.  This one involves getting a tattoo (but it would still fly in most schools) and this involves a man trying to impress a lady… until she orders a salad!  (I can relate!)  For the last one, I would stop it early because the end is not crucial to understanding.
  • Introductions/describing yourself
    • On the exam this year, I gave my level 1 students a video like this of Master Chef Juniors describing themselves.  Students had to write down facts that they could understand from the videos.
    • This video is also easy for novices to understand.
  • Clothes unit
  • Technology unit
  • Environment unit
  • Medical unit
  • Celebrations unit
    • This document has a list of different links for planning a birthday party with different stores/websites.
    • Iberia Christmas commercial
    • Articles about how to celebrate your birthday at different ages
    • Infographic about New Year’s Eve celebrations
    • Video for 12 grapes: New Year’s Eve
    • Uncomo article on best movies for Halloween with a Google form with questions
  • Food unit
  • City unit
  • School unit
  • Likes and favorites unit
    • Favorite fall items
    • Plaza Sesamo: I like you
    • To recap favorites and other intros, I really like these 50 cosas videos!  Gibby is younger; Karol is older and easy to understand. (I edit these on EdPuzzle, so they aren’t as long!)
  • Daily routine unit
    • Survey: What type of perfume are you?
    • Also I use this website for hygiene products.
    • Daily routine vlogger
    • Night time routine video by Pautips  (TIP!  Search YouTube for rutina diaria mañana/noche for updated videos!  Each vlogger seems to come out with a new video detailing her daily routine every season!)
    • Uncomo article on how to wake up happy in the morning
  • Travel unit
    • Airline commercial
    • Iberia Christmas commercial
    • Infographics about traveling
    • Travel blog
    • Tips before your first flight
    • RENFE website for looking up train schedules
    • Video on tips on how to check luggage and board your plane
    • Video: How to select a family friendly hotel
    • Video: 5 cheap hotels in Cancun
  • House unit
    • Tour of vlogger’s home
    • Video: Top5 mansions
    • Article on decorating your home
    • Website to allow students to find furniture to outfit their home  (Also, you can read how I used it in class here.)
    • This magazine has great pictures and short captions to use even in level 1.
    • I love using AirBnB to look a home/apartment listings in Spain.
  • General pop culture for class discussion
    • A fun Youtube channel including trying out the Burger King Lucky Charms milkshake and other gossip
    • Youtube search of Tag 20 songs videos with fun questions like which song do you not admit to liking

Hope that these helped you!  Recently, I also wrote about how I find authentic resources.  If you have an authentic resource to share, hop on over to Musicuentos to share yours!  Also, if one of my links is incorrect or broken, please let me know, so I can update it!



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