Brillante Viernes: August 10, 2018

BV August 10

Happy Friday!  I have two more weeks of summer, and so I am in the surprisingly efficient and motivated time of my summer.  This is the time that I realize if I haven’t gotten it done by the end of two weeks, it probably won’t get done until on my longer winter break.  I am also trying to squeeze the last few days in with my son and our summer field trips to balance out my productive early mornings and nap times!  I have also started an Instagram page for my blog.  Instagram has become one of my newest favorite platforms to use, so I wanted to start using it!  August means that blogging has started ramping back up for everyone.  Check out some of my favorite posts:

  • I LOVE reading reviews including Yelp and using them in class.  The idea to use Trip Advisor reviews by Sara-Elizabeth is as always on point.
  • Gary DiBianca’s post on how he assesses with socratic circles is extremely detailed and helpful.  I plan on trying this for my students this year.
  • This post on flexible seating is coming at the perfect time for me!  I am not going completely deskless, but Emily explains how to strike a happy medium.
  • Last year and this year, I continue to work on how I take care of myself.  Wendy’s suggestions in this post are so practical for anyone to start.

Flashback Friday to earlier August posts on this blog:


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