How I find authentic resources

Finding Authentic Resources

This year, I really want to present at a conference.  As I was thinking of topics, one idea that I discarded (because I wasn’t sure if I be able to talk about it for very long) is how to find authentic resources online.  I have mentioned some of these throughout my blog, but I had not collected them into one post.  Here are some ideas as to how I find my authentic resources especially when you have time this summer to search for them:

  1. First, here is a collection of authentic resources that I have found and published on my blog.  Also, I have mentioned Sara-Elizabeth’s list before, but she has started a Google Doc where many teachers have added their ideas.  Add one and take one- or ten!
  2. My first stop when I need an authentic resource is Amy’s Pinterest boards!  Even if I do not find what I want, it helps me narrow down more details of what I want.
  3. Speaking of Amy, in one of her sessions that I attended, she suggested searching for your target words in the Google IMAGES to search for infographics.  I have found some great infographics there.
  4. With infographics, I love this blog!  You can click on any theme, and they have it sorted nicely.
  5. For shorter pop culture articles, I use Superpop.  For sports, I use ESPN deportes, and for solutions to daily problems, I like uncomo.
  6. I find almost all of my listening clips on YouTube.  Many times, I look for commercials.  However, I have noticed that there are a lot of teens talking about their lives on YouTube.  I found a girl talking about what she packs for a travel unit, giving a house tour, and TONS of daily routine videos.  (I chose this one.)  These girls discuss every part of their lives- what they bought for school, the emojis that they use, how to cook their breakfasts etc. You may have to watch a few videos, but I guarantee that you will find one video or two that will fit a unit.
  7. Finally, I encourage you to search for websites or videos that you watch and use in your daily life.  For example, if I know that I am looking for things that I typically buy at a department store, I will look for department store websites in different countries.  This is how I discovered the website Paris, supermarket website, and MasterChef website.  Again, when I search for these websites, I try to use different countries.  I do not want to stick to one or two countries.

Hopefully this summer, you can take some time to collect some more resources to use throughout the year to make your preps even easier!


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