Chilean Store Authentic Resource

Department Store Spanish #Authres

You know the feeling… you are searching for a good authentic resource… and you hit the JACKPOT!  That is how I felt when I found this website!  It is for the store Paris in Chile.  Yes, I could have used Corte Inglés.  I love Corte Inglés.  I loved shopping at Corte Inglés during my study abroad.  However, I like to use different countries if I can especially if I can find similar resources.  This website filled everything that I needed.

This website has technology, toys, sports accessories, furniture and fashion if you are teaching ANY or ALL of those.  My students are currently studying a house unit.  Their assignment was to find different furniture and write how much each item would cost in pesos.  I included a number of vocabulary words that we were studying.  Then at the end, they could choose five other items from the website that they wanted.  I felt that this gave them a good balance of items from the textbook list and allowed them to find other words that they would find useful.  Finally, they had to total their items and write the value in US currency.  I always believe that this is so important when you use different currencies because it gives them a realistic picture.

Check out Paris for your next unit with one of these themes!  If you do use it, share how you used it in the comments, and I can add to my post.

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