Updated Food #AuthRes and other #AuthRes resources

Supermarket #authres in Spanish

Earlier, I posted an authentic resource for supermarkets.  It involved a flyer which was great, but it also quickly expired.  This year, I created another authentic resource based on the website Supermercado Wong.  It can be used at any time since it revolves around the website.  I love looking around international supermarkets, and my students enjoy looking at the different foods on this website.

As another note on authentic resources, have you added any resources to Musicuentos spreadsheet?  I have, and there are quite a few.  Even if you do not blog, it is an easy way to contribute to a group and find new activities.  Also, check out Samantha’s post on finding and using authentic resources with novices.


5 thoughts on “Updated Food #AuthRes and other #AuthRes resources

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