MasterChef Chile webquest and… NEWS!

MasterChef Chile logo
MasterChef Chile logo

As my students are finishing the NSE, I have them complete this mini activity on MasterChef Chile.  They visit this website and answer questions in English.  Here are my questions:

  1. In the caldillo de congrio, what is NOT one of the ingredients? (cream, apple, tomato, potato)
  2. How old is Kimberly Salazar? (37, 16, 17, 49)
  3. What was Daniela’s first career? (teaching, architecture, secretary, policewoman)
  4. Where does Pablo Edwards live? (Arquitecto, Las Condes, Novicia Rebelde, Provindencia)
  5. Who is NOT one of the judges? (Yann Yvin, Francisco González, Ennio Carota, Chris Carpentier)
  6. Chris Carpentier has a bar of… (drinks, cheese, sandwiches, tapas)

I love cooking shows, and I always think it is interesting when other countries adapt shows that our students may or may not watch.

Now for my NEWS!  Next year, I am excited to announce that I will be teaching mostly Upper School Spanish classes!  I have worked hard to develop the MS curriculum at my school, and I am going to help develop the US program.  With that being said, we are hiring someone to fill my position in the Middle School.  If you would be interested, you can apply here.  I am excited to add another excellent team member to our faculty!

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