Super Bowl Lesson Plans: 2022

Happy week before the Super Bowl! Next week, I am going up to present at NECTFL twice! (If you are going, I am presenting on Comprehensible Pop Culture and Best of GWATFL about Interpersonal Tasks and Assessments on Saturday. I would love to see you there!). For both my fifth and sixth graders, I am leaving these lesson plans in Pear Deck form.

  • I have updated the slideshow and Jamboard (This or that) which is embedded in it. The slideshow has an infographic about the Super Bowl along with famous Latino players and coaches.
  • After this, I will have students describe their favorite way to watch a sporting event or TV show based on the This or That questions. I have some students who don’t watch any part of the Super Bowl which is why I modify the prompt. After students write, it would be fun to read a few and see if students can figure out who wrote it.
  • I found this ad from ESPN Deportes which would be great to talk about since commercials are always so important in the Super Bowl. At the end, you could ask students what the message was. Then, re-watch it and pick out important scenes that convey the message.
  • NEW! Check out the Mariachi Rams video!
  • If you have students who really love the game and want even more- there is a TON of comprehensible material on the NFL Mexico Twitter account or the NFL en Español Twitter account.
  • If you want to talk about more players or have purchased El Mundo en Tus Manos from last year, there is an article about Sammis Reyes joining the NFL as the first Chilean football player on May 7, 2021. (Since he plays for the Washington Football Team, we have already read this article and some of my students were excited to actually see him play some this year!)
  • NEW! Another article to add- is why the NFL is so popular in Mexico. It would be great for an intermediate class.

I like to try to post this earlier in the week, but sometimes I find other sources as the week goes on. I will add them to this post!

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