First Fridays: February 4, 2022

Happy Friday! Whew- for me January was ROUGH with various quarantines and snow, but it calmed down toward the end, and I am feeling much better by this Friday. Although I definitely didn’t finish as many other things that I had planned. One thing was what to do with Olympic Games! Luckily, some other people have shared some plans and I found some a great resource this summer!

  • Amy Lenord has shared some great infographics including this one and this schedule.
  • Leslie Grahn has been sharing some amazing lessons including this whole set on the Olympics!
  • I love this Instagram account which posts a ton of information in Spanish especially on Hispanic athletes. The captions are also great for all levels of students. It would be great to summarize the games each day by watching the short stories ahead of time.

Some other of my favorite resources from this month include:

  • I love seeing all of Bethanie’s lessons including these recent editions with music!
  • It is always on my to do list to check out Google Arts and Culture! Matt has a great list of what to do with it!
  • I love this redeveloped unit to focus on markets instead of just shopping!
  • Have you tried Wordle in Spanish with your upper levels?! We love it in 8th grade! (Now I just have to make sure they don’t do it ahead of class!)
  • Love this variation of guess what! I definitely want to try it with my students!

Stay tuned for some Super Bowl lessons coming next week!!

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