Brillante Viernes: April 27, 2018

brillante viernes april 27

Happy Friday!  Whew!  Spring is always so busy.  Martina made an exciting announcement that we are collaborating next year on El Mundo en Tus Manos!  (Also you have until the end of the month for a discounted price!)  Over on the edcampCIVa blog, I published a list of post reading activities to do with novels.  Also, this Saturday, I am so excited to present at GWATFL!  You can still sign up and check out my presentation if you missed it earlier this week.  I am also planning for my FLAVA webinar this coming Thursday.  In other news, here are some of the other blogs that have been inspiring me this week:

  • Sara-Elizabeth talks about our obsession with high-frequency words and how to cure it.
  • Over on Carrie’s blog, she has been blogging up a storm!  As many teachers turn away from traditional textbooks, it is helpful to see the scope and sequence of other schools.
  • Bethanie shares some great ways to revamp the school unit!
  • I just discovered this blog recently- but I love this post of center activities based around an authentic resource.
  • Also, my friends and family know that I love my Sunday night power night from Ink and Volt, but this list post will probably also change my life!

And now previous posts from my own blog:

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