GWATFL Spring 2018 Presentation

Whole Class Novels

I am so excited for GWATFL this upcoming Saturday!  Some of my favorite people are coming to DC to present!  Are you coming?  You still have time to sign up.  This is one of the most cost friendly conferences I have attended.  Plus, if you haven’t been to the National Cathedral area, it is just gorgeous.

I am presenting on using whole class novels.  This year, I have transitioned from just using the textbook to using two novels in each level.  It has been wonderful.  However, you can still incorporate the textbook AND use a novel.  Here is my presentation if you cannot make it:

3 thoughts on “GWATFL Spring 2018 Presentation

  1. Sounds like it is going to be an amazing presentation! I started using whole class novels this year too. I did two per semester. Students loved it, I loved it, and students fell in love with it as well. How long does it take you to teach a novel. I feel like I spent too much time on them. Usually 4-6 weeks, pre- teaching and assessment included.

    1. Awesome- I am so happy that your students loved it as well! I probably take about that long as well- I try to complete about 1 chapter per day. That gives me enough time to do a pre reading and post reading activity!

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