More novice food authentic resources

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This year, I am revamping my food authentic resources.  I needed to find a new sales insert, and this year, I used the Guatemalan supermarket La Torre.  Supermarket inserts are great because they have lots of pictures and numbers.  It also allows students to find new words based on the pictures or cognates.

Based on the Creative Language Class, I really like providing different resources for students to search for vocabulary words and cognates.  They also explain the purpose behind each resource.  The resources that I use for food are:

  • Zachary’s Plato del día tumblr (Some schools are touchy about tumblr, so check before you give this link to your students!)
  • An infographic about how to behave at a menu
  • Recipes in pictures
  • A plate version of the food pyramid

Have you found any good food resources lately?

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