Brillante Viernes: May 26, 2017


Brillante Viernes: May 26Whew!  Memorial Day weekend- and many people are done with school!  We are finishing up our IPAs.  However, some people continue all through most of June!  We have exams the last week which helps.  Above is an acrostic poem from my blended students.  I love the end of the year reflection.  I should frame this because it makes me smile every time!  Enjoy the long weekend- and check out some of these posts:

  • Check out the last installment of Musicuentos Black Box podcast about aptitude.  It is just as great as all of the others and so valuable to teachers.
  • This looks like a fun game to play and a great video to watch!
  • How to stay productive at the end of the year and some ideas of what to start for next year
  • Finally- when the end of the year is long and everyone is frustrated: read this by Laura and remember why teaching is worth it!

Finally- a flashback to previous years in May:

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