10 Confessions from another End of the Year Teacher

I think I will blame it on the earlier Spring Break/Easter combination, but this has seemed like a very long May!  The rain has NOT helped one bit, and I am tired of being cold and wet.  Here are some of my May confessions (even though we have classes until June 10) inspired by Allison!

  1. A fellow teacher noticed that at school it isn’t a race to the end, but it is sprint marathon after sprint marathon.  I agree, and I pretty much cannot run a 5k currently.
  2. I have to say that I am pretty good at grading tests/quizzes the first go round… but make-up tests/quizzes!  Oh the make-ups!  They always end up being pushed to the next day.
  3. I have been inspired by creating a telenovela unit, but normally the end of the year doesn’t get revamped as often as the rest of the year.
  4. On Fridays, I organize my desk because I teach all 5 classes that day and by the end of the day, I can pretty much only shuffle papers and throw away papers.  Last Friday, I put my small computer charger to carry around to my different classrooms on my bookshelf.  This WHOLE past week, I thought I lost it.  Finally, this Friday, I found it.  On my bookshelf.  In plain sight.
  5. Speaking of organization, I just throw worksheets into binders by class somewhat divided by topic.  And then wonder why it takes me so long to find these activities later.
  6. Obviously, my summer plans revolve around organization in general.
  7. In general, I am not one of those teachers who knows exactly how many students I have.  I always make extra copies of EVERYTHING.  (That is why I have to throw away so many papers by the end of the week.)
  8. I am secretly jealous of people who carry around water bottles and drink a ton of water every day.  That is always my goal, but it is never me!
  9. Blogging keeps me current and sane…
  10. But!  There were some things that I blogged about and planned to do, but I didn’t even get to this year… I am looking at you selfie stick lesson!

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