Tic-tac-toe reading activity

Tic Tac Toe Reading Idea

With my students, we are reading Agentes Secretos y el mural de Picasso.  I was working with an excellent educational consultant who gave me this great idea.  I have four tables in groups of three.  Each table got a character (Mario, Luis, Javier and Paula).  In the book, each person had to find three words or phrases about the character.  Then they line them up in a box (see picture).  Each person then was in charge of writing a sentence about their character.  One person wrote a sentence on a horizontal row, one on a vertical row and one in a diagonal row about the character.  They have to use all of their words in the sentence.  Then, they shared one sentence from each group aloud.  I was really impressed with how well they did!  It was a great review of the first five chapters.  The one difficulty was getting them away from a literal description of the person, but that is another goal for another day!

Edited to add: I updated the horrible picture with a new example.  In this example, students would find three words or phrases about Paula and arrange them as seen above.  One person would have to write a sentence from a column, one person from a row and one person would write a sentence from words on the diagonal.  For example: Paula es una chica que tiene pelo negro y observa símbolos de su imaginación.  Paula es una chica muy bonita y romántica y tiene pelo negro.  Paula es de Barcelona y es romántica y observa símbolos en el mural.  I did have to help students adding in a few words, but for the most part, all of the students were able to complete this with the help of their group and the book.


7 thoughts on “Tic-tac-toe reading activity

  1. Question: so since each student in the group finds 3 different words, there should be 9 unique words on the board, right? What happens if two students in the group come up with the same word? How do you decide who gets to use it and who needs to find another one?

    1. Yes- they can either come up with four to eliminate like words or just come to a conclusion about who finds another word. They didn’t have too many problems with this when I completed it.

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