Telenovela Days 4-6

End of the Year- Telenovela Unit Days 4-6-De que te quiero te quiero

Here are my plans for the next few days with the telenovela:

Day 4:  We had not watched that much of the telenovela.  I wanted to dedicate more time to showing the episode, so they could get into the episode more.  We started out a la Laura Sexton.  I wrote sentences that could happen next.  The students predicted if these statements are possible, probable or not possible.  (Although some students predicted that it is ALL possible with a telenovela!)  After that we continued the episode with some great lines when Diego and Natalia meet, and he calls her an angel.

For homework, I found a clip online and had students watch it and answer questions in English.

Day 5:  My students took a listening/reading quiz on the telenovela.  I used a clip from episode 3 because I thought that some students may have watched episode 1 to the end.  (Although one student is on episode 7! I felt that if she had watched that much TV in Spanish, she deserved the extra bump on her quiz.)  I used the subtitles in Spanish since this assignment is typically harder than one I would use for this level.  They answered questions in English then I added some questions in Spanish because there was a music scene without any words.  The students described what happened in Spanish.  Overall, I wanted students to be able to explain what was happening in general terms.  They did not always understand line for line, but most of them were able to get the gist of the section.

Day 6:  We continued to watch the video.  I also created a Voicethread for them to complete.  I took screenshots of a few of the clips, and then students described what was happening without using their notes.

Hope this is helping you if you are showing this telenovela or another one!  My students and I are really enjoying it.  I am including my guides below for the study guide and the second part of the telenovela.

de que te quiero te quiero 2

listening practice quiz telenovela

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