Brillante Viernes: December 16, 2016

Brillante Viernes: Dec 16, 2016

Happy Friday!  And happy winter break to most of you (I hope!)  If not, keep on keeping on!  I know that you will make it through to the other side!  It is time to snuggle up and enjoy some well deserved rest and family time.  And now, we have learned that it is a MUST!  I will be in Maryland through Christmas then down to Virginia Beach through the New Year.  I hope that you have time to spend with your family.  I have a couple of posts planned and I will be hanging out at the Digital Summit starting today.  What are your plans?

  •   If you love Jesse y Joy, check out Bryan’s post about their newest album.
  • Laura always nails her posts, but as I keep moving towards proficiency, I found her post on proficiency very salient.
  • I want to start reading more about the Invisibles!  I love Mike’s post on this character.
  • There is a new Spanish blog!  Check out the first post on how to use music!

Flash back to last December!

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