Give one-get one review strategy

Cooperative learning is great especially for middle school students.  The give one-get one could easily be used as a review strategy for students.  The basic premise is that students create two columns on their sheet.  On one column, they write give one, and on the other column, they write get one.  They start by brainstorming all of their ideas in the give one column.  After this, they find a partner and read all of their get one ideas.  The partner shares theirs.  Each partner records any new information in the get one column.  Students review this with different partners.  It could be used to review in different ways:

-Students could use this while reviewing a novel or story.  Students write down everything that they remember from the story/chapter.  They could write down about a specific character as well.

-Students could brainstorm about a topic or article before a reading selection.  This would be especially helpful before a non-fiction piece.

-Students can use this as vocabulary or chapter review.  They could write sample sentences using their vocabulary.  They can record sentences using different vocabulary words that they did not include.

Have you used this in your classroom?  How have you implemented it?

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