Brillante Viernes: December 30, 2016

Brillante Viernes: Dec 30

Happy last post of December!  I am down in Virginia Beach and enjoying the last few days of winter break!  I hope that your break has been filled with restful activities.  I have truly enjoyed spending so much time with my family… but I did not enjoy setting my oven on fire Christmas morning!  (Note to self: do not let oil drop down on your gas oven!)  Just in case you think my winter break was full of sunshine and Christmas lights… we definitely had some excitement!  I am also excited to go back to work after so many ideas I got from the Ditch Summit!  You still have time to watch the videos if you have not.  They are up through tomorrow.  Here are some of my other favorite posts from the past two weeks:

  • I LOVE this Teacher’s Reading Challenge for 2017!
  • Arianna posted some awesome MovieTalks for songs!
  • I keep grappling with the idea of how to empower my students to learn more by themselves without getting overwhelmed.  Sara-Elizabeth as always has encouraged me to pick up another book!
  • Alice Keeler was one of the bloggers that I learned about during the Ditch Summit!  I love so many of these Google tips for 2017!

This time of year, I obviously don’t post a ton, but I did want to share this post for 18 songs that I used in Spanish levels I/II.

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