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A few of my favorite things!

Many people post great gift guides on blogs, so I decided to add my favorite things to the list!

1.  Many dice: I use these during games/warm-ups etc.  You can get a pack of 6 at the dollar store.

2.  Popsicle sticks: I write each student’s name on them, and I use them during question activities.  No matter what many times teachers will call on the same students.  This way, I make sure that I call on everyone.  Then once I have, their name goes back in the pile, so there is a chance they may be called upon again.  It is also helpful when I am calling on students to do presentations, and I have run out of volunteers.  This way it is random.

3.  Books!:  The books by Deb Blaz are some of my favorites.

4.  Individual Whiteboards: I can use these for an easy comprehension check or game, and the students love them too!

5.  Stamps: I always stamp my students’ homework.  It gives me a visual clue that I have seen theirs (because sometimes I forget!)  It is also easy for students to see which ones I have checked when they are looking for their current homework.  They also enjoy seeing what stamps I use!

What are your favorite teaching tools?  I would love to get more input and ideas!


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