Lapbooking- Mini Portfolio and Review

I found the idea of Lapbooking through Pinterest at the beginning of the summer from this blog.  This must be from the same book that I am using!  It looks like a great idea, and it is perfect for my Spanish 1B students.  It gives them additional review, and many of them are very hands-on.  The idea of a lapbook is a mini portfolio.  I centered this lapbook as a review for a unit; however, I would love to create one that was more proficiency based as well.  This would be great before an exam, too.  On the original website, she includes resources for the lapbook.  Even if you do not complete a lapbook, they are wonderful as stand-alone foldables.

I created a description of what students should do, and I included a rubric.  The one thing that I wanted to add was a bit more writing.  I wanted to give my students some options as well.  Since this is my third year teaching this unit, I am looking forward to seeing if this helps the students.  Also, visit the original sites for a lot of great ideas for lapbooking!


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