MentorMob: Reflexive Verbs

MentorMob is another project that I have wanted to use, and I now finally have time to play around with it.  It is really easy to use.  You can use MentorMob to create a playlist, then you can have students complete quizzes.  I wanted to use it to have students watch short videos then take mini quizzes.  This is perfect for a homework assignment!  You can pay extra to see how your students did, but I am going to tell them to take a screenshot.

I love Sr. Jordan’s videos on YouTube.  However, I wanted to add more than just grammar practice to this assignment.  This blog mentions some great videos to use with the reflexive verbs.  I decided to use the Mr. Bean goes to bed.  I included short comprehension questions after the video.  I love Mr. Bean videos because they are funny, and he doesn’t really speak any English.  You could include more videos, but my students can only complete about 20 minutes of homework for each subject.  I would love to continue to work on some for other students.  I will continue to upload them!

Create your own Playlist on MentorMob!

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