March favorites: Infographics, field trips, and more!

This year continues to challenge; however, I feel much more motivated. Part of this involved going to NECTFL. I have to say- despite the pictures, NECTFL wasn’t all roses. Almost my WHOLE family got some stomach bug. I actually had to take off the day before I was leaving because I felt so bad. MyContinue reading “March favorites: Infographics, field trips, and more!”

Communicative purposes and how to make your classes more successful

This week, I have gotten some really exciting news! While the actual paper publication of our book has been pushed back until April, the ebook version is available now via RedShelf and will be on Amazon by February 1st! The nice thing about Kindle is that you don’t have to worry about shipping delays! ObviouslyContinue reading “Communicative purposes and how to make your classes more successful”