Book sneak peek!

It is here! On our publisher’s page, Florencia Henshaw and I have a website to sign up to get a notification to order our book AND THE FIRST UNPROOFED CHAPTER! It is so exciting!

(If you are curious about the publishing process, we sent a copy off this summer, then got an edited copy back in August, now we are doing the proofed read through. It is exciting and daunting all at the same time! Also- for this and other various reasons, I haven’t been writing here as much. Let me tell you- it is hard to wait though when I am so used to the quick publishing world of blog posts!)

The book’s goal is to explain theories of second language acquisition that many researchers and professors agree on. We also wanted to write these theories in language that would be easy for anyone to understand. Then from there, we wanted to provide multiple examples of how these theories would look in your classroom. The examples range from novice to intermediate and occasionally advanced. I was excited to collaborate with Florencia because we also found common ground between what would work in secondary schools (and even some examples for elementary teachers as well!) and college classes. As Florencia said on the most recent episode of the Motivated Classroom with Liam Printer- we all need to value what each group of people found. AND we all need to work together to make our students successful in language classes.

I will say that as I have continued to reflect on the examples in the book in my own classes, I have made some tweaks to my lessons that have caused them to be even more successful. I hope that you will find the same if you are interested. I would love your thoughts on the first chapter!

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