Activities and horoscopes for 2022

Happy almost New Year! I hope that you are enjoying your winter break. I took a long break at the beginning and am cracking open my computer to knock out a few things at the end of the break. While there is a lot that is uncertain, I am so excited to see my book in print in 2022! The print date got pushed back a month, but the eversion is available in March!

This year, I have re-written the horoscopes for 2022! (I adapted it from this version which is MUCH longer. It also has some racier parts that you may not want to show younger students. Also- thank you SO much to Nicole Alberico-Farr, Lisa Lopez Soares and Jennifer Bartlett for helping with editing and feedback!) After students read their horoscopes, they can fill out this form. Overall, I have found that this reading is pretty entertaining for students, so I don’t have to do too much of a follow-up with it. Last year Jenny Robbins created this amazing slideshow with characteristics of each sign as well! Students can confirm if they feel that these characteristics represent them or not before or after reading their horoscope.

Last year, I made a This or That on Jamboard for winter. I try to keep the questions neutral instead of what gifts did you get or where did you go. While I used this last year by having students add their names, this year, I will just tally it on the Jamboard. A fun extension would be to plan the ultimate snow day using some of these questions!

If you are looking for other activities, this post has a list of my favorite activities to do post winter break to ease everyone back into the routine. As for me, I am going to start with my Nailed It unit with my sixth graders and Kara’s amazing Peru unit with my eighth graders. Hope this helps you plan out your time back at school and gets you back to enjoying your break quickly!


9 thoughts on “Activities and horoscopes for 2022

  1. Hi Maris!
    When doing the horoscope activity, do you whole-class read all the slides or share with students and each one can read the sign that applies to them?
    Erika Peterson

  2. What age group / level would you feel would do best with the Horoscopes? Have you found lower levels are able to understand what they say and figure it out?

    1. Hi! So sorry it has taken awhile for me to get back to you- my youngest students that I would use this with is 7th grade. Younger students aren’t as interested in their horoscopes. I would say too that our 7th graders have had a few years of language instruction as well.

  3. Thank you for the great idea and shared resources! I was using the slide show from Jenny Robbins in my lesson to support and realized that it only has 11 signs, no Capricorn. Any ideas on how to contact her to see if she has that one, too? Thank you again for sharing!

  4. Thank you for sharing this Horoscope activity! One is missing however, under “Tu signo”–the Capricorn!

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