First Fridays: January 7, 2022

This has been quite a start back to school. The stress can only be understood if you are also teaching- but WHEW. I hope that you have managed to figure your way if you are back in school or if your school is virtual. Meanwhile, we also had a HUGE snowstorm for us. We ended up with a foot of snow. I will say that gave me some more time to mentally prepare to return to the classroom. I am very thankful for that. Here are some posts that are helping me get through and inspiring me:

  • Unrelated to teaching- but Martina shared an amazing list of freezer meals! I didn’t actually make a freezer version, but I made the butter chicken and it was a hit with the whole family including an 8 year old and an 11 month old!
  • AnneMarie continues to post AMAZING resources but one of my recent favorites is her list for AP. While I don’t teach AP, this list could be used for any intermediate level class.
  • This post about using visual thinking strategies and photos to use in class is perfect!
  • Check this post if you want to plan a unit for the New Year!
  • As far as podcasts- over the holidays, I caught up listening to Alt. Latino as I was driving. In particular, I liked the piece about Cimafunk because of Locotubre. This week I want to listen to What Is Latin music anyway? For the Motivated Classroom, I liked the episode about no prep listening activities and used the drawing one in my classroom the following week!

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