First Fridays: December 3, 2021

Happy Friday! This month flew by- and I have been busy! I was so excited to have my session about motivating students to speak during interpersonal tasks to be the Best of GWATFL! I will be presenting at NECTFL with this session and Comprehensible Pop Culture. I am excited to be back to in person conferences. I will also be presenting at Norfolk, Va with my amazing colleague and friend Lynne Hendrick. We will be presenting about how to turn your professional development upside down. I hope to see many people at either conference!

Meanwhile, a lot of posts have been inspiring me recently:

  • I have been listening to Alt Latino on my trip to and from Thanksgiving! I love incorporating music into my class, and I always learn something new.
  • This lotería activity is fun- and although it is about Thanksgiving, you could do a similar activity with a novel!
  • This alebrije activity would be so fun- and perfect for antsy days before winter break.
  • Each year, I really enjoy the Ditch Summit! It starts on the 13th. Many times, I only watch a few sessions, but they are always worth it. I would prefer to only watch a few sessions that I can enjoy than stress out to try to do too much.

3 thoughts on “First Fridays: December 3, 2021

  1. Hi Maris! I hope you and your family are having a wonderful holiday. We met at EdCamp in Chesapeake a few years ago, I am a Spanish teacher on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. I love starting my new year with your resources on horoscopes, and am wondering if you were going to do a similar one for the coming year. If not, I might search out my own, but yours are so nicely made comprehensible. Thank you, Erika

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