Brillante Viernes: December 7, 2018

brillante viernes dec 7.jpg

Happy Friday!  I can’t wait to go home to Virginia Beach and go to Christmastown this weekend with my family.  We have a longer stretch before winter break, so I am glad for this time away to recharge.  Bloggers have been out in full force recently it seems, so I made a longer list this week for you to check out!

  • The first one is a three-fer that might take you a few days to get through (but will be well worth it!)  Dorie interviewed LJ Randolph for We Teach Languages this week.  Then, Dorie has published not one but TWO blog posts on intercultural can-do statements!  I feel like I need to understand more about this, so I am excited to really delve into the interview and posts.
  • I want to continue to reflect on how I can think deeper overall.
  • Have you seen Sarah Breckley’s most recent vlog?  This game looks like a lot of fun-especially before break.
  • I want to incorporate more rejoiners into my curriculum, and Grant always has some innovative ways.

And former posts:

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