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Incorporating more culture throughout my celebration unit

Incorporating Culture Celebrations

With a recent #langchat, I am also inspired to be more purposeful about my incorporation of culture into my lessons.  BOY!  Is it a lot of work!!  Seriously, I encourage people to do this one unit at a time.  Even so, I am excited at the cohesion to my unit.  I decided to talk about Costa Rica because I could find a fair amount of information.  My final goal for the unit is that students can describe a party or festival that they attended in Costa Rica.  They will have to include cultural pieces as well as be able to describe the party.

First, we started with weddings.  I included an introduction about wedding traditions.  I am lucky to teach in a rather progressive school.  I did want to include the facts on gay marriage without taking a stand one way or another.  I do think that this is important when talking about weddings for all students and families.

Next, I wanted students to plan a birthday party.  I used different online resources for students to explore to buy a cake, gift, food and piñata.  I thought about not including a piñata because it seems more stereotypical; however, I found it frequently when I was exploring birthday party celebrations.

However, I have to confess that not all of my activities are cultural.  In this unit, we cover different relationships.  I had to include Taylor Swift’s song: Nunca volveré contigo!  I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t made a quick activity for it.  Here it is:

nunca volvere contigo


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