How to become engaged as a language teacher

how to become engaged as a language teacher

I believe that every teacher has something to offer other teachers.  At times, it appears that one has to tweet all the time, start a blog and travel/present at multiple conferences to be truly involved.  While this may be some people’s cup of tea, you do not have to do all of this to get involved!  I know that it can seem daunting and intimidating to do even one or two of these things.  However, there is plenty that you can do to become more involved.  I wanted to share a few ways that you can become engaged easily and quickly:

  • Help fund a podcast.  For just $10, you can help Ashley start her Inspired Proficiency Podcast.  This quick way, you can get a larger project started.  She wants to interview teachers- and maybe you can even be interviewed on her podcast!  Nonetheless, you can make a difference by helping and contributing to this fund.
  • Call, tweet, email or review a podcast.  I love We Teach Languages podcast and frequently have come away with new ideas.  Do you like it too?  Review it here and help to spread the word.  Also, I know so many teachers enjoy Tea With BVP which is a call-in show.  You should call in!  You can ask a question or answer the Diva question (like me and win some prizes!)  Again, shows like this are successful when more people engage.
  • Leave a comment on a blog post, tweet or Facebook page.  If you like what a blogger has written, tell them!  If you used their blog post in a different way, let them know, so they can change it the next time, too.  If something doesn’t make sense, ask them.  If you disagree about something, engage them in conversation!  I did not become a blogger to speak to a void.  I want to hear what works and what doesn’t work.  I loved that one teacher used the phrase lectura lunes with the news articles!  However, I am not alone in this pursuit.  Many other bloggers want to hear from you as well.
  • Want to share an activity, but you aren’t ready to start a blog?  Share it on a Facebook group.  I have gotten so many wonderful activities from Facebook groups where teachers share through Google Docs or slides.  (Looking for a group to join?  Check out Laura’s list!)  Or- ask if you can guest post on a blog!  I would love to highlight teacher’s ideas here!  It can be as simple as sharing an activity that you love and how you implement it.  (Ready to guest post?!  Email me (marisdemosthenes AT
  • Film a quick video for Laura’s Flipgrid videos for novices THEN use some of her videos as well.  She has three different topics for you to discuss, but I am sure she would be willing to add a topic you would like if you would be willing to film more videos!
  • Finally, share on databases!  I started one to share both reading and writing prompts that have engaged students.  In it, I also mention the database for authentic resource activities and for MovieTalks.  (These are for ALL languages.)  On a recent Facebook group discussion, someone shared one that I had never seen for Spanish EdPuzzles.  Or TWO song databases! (Number one and number two)  I know that you have some amazing ideas to add to any of these.  (Or if none of these fit your needs, start a new database and share for others to add their ideas!)

As much as I love December, it can be a drag!  Become more engaged, and you will reap the benefits of feeling more involved and helping others.  Just try one activity and see how much you have helped others!  Also- if you have another way to get involved- don’t forget to share it in the comments!  🙂

5 thoughts on “How to become engaged as a language teacher

  1. What a great list! Thank you! I agree that often I hear from people who read my blog and get something out of it, and I always wonder why they don’t leave a comment. It helps the blogger know what content is helpful and what they should keep sharing and gives them energy to keep posting. Also thank you for the shoutout for the podcast project. We have 23 backers so far!

    1. I am so excited to see how many backers you have!! I agree- I have asked before what people would like more of, but I only occasionally hear back. Maybe people think it won’t make a difference? That is why I tried to post this to explain how much it does help!

  2. Thank you for a good post – from a teacher here. 🙂

    I tried following you. Let’s see if I succeded. SOmetimes an error message pops up.

    Maybe you’d check out my blog, too? It is a book, so go to Menu and Chapters and start from the beginning. I’d really love some feedback.

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