Quizalize: My new favorite tech tool for sub or snow days!

quizalize post

When I first rolled out my blended unit plan, I had students take a quiz then based on how they did, they had different tasks to complete.  I thought- Wouldn’t it be great if there was a program that differentiated for you?!  Well friends, Quizalize is it!  Quizalize can take a bit of time to set up on your side, but it allows students to be self-sufficient after that.

This year in Spanish V, we are starting this month with last year’s commercial for the lottery.  We just finished Part II, and I found a Quizlet set with questions and answers.  If you have Quizlet sets, you can easily import them into Quizalize.  After I imported the questions into Quizalize and I set up a class, students can join then they answer the questions from the Quizlet set (or any other quiz that you create).  The program gives your students all of the questions to go at their own pace (although it is timed.)

Then after all of the questions at the end, it goes into MASTERY MODE!  Students have to re-answer all of the questions they missed the first time until they get them correct.  I LOVE this because as much as I “review the ones that they miss” it is much more effective if they have to re-do it.  Plus they don’t have to listen to me review one that most students got wrong if they did not answer it incorrectly.

After mastery mode, students can complete another activity BASED ON HOW THEY DID ON THE PREVIOUS QUIZ!  So they can watch a YouTube video, read a PDF or try another quiz.  For this section, I was lucky to find a few quizlet sets already done.  In one, students could review vocabulary from Spanish to English if they scored below a 50%, they could do a vocabulary in context if they scored between a 51 and a 79%.  If they scored above an 80%, they could watch another Dreaming Spanish video because they enjoyed the first one.  I can’t scream it from the rooftops loud enough- I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!  This program can TRULY offer differentiated learning automatically on a sub or snow day.

Anyone who has a Quizlet set can use Quizalize!  I will continue to use this while discussing stories.  You could also use this if you want to highlight more vocabulary words.  Regardless, I recommend that you check it out!


One thought on “Quizalize: My new favorite tech tool for sub or snow days!

  1. So happy that I found this post today–I’m looking for an ending the novel activity for Spanish 2 that allows for individual assessments. The students seem to be losing interest in the novel as a whole class and my plan is to stop on a cliff-hanger chapter. Then it will be one of the choices for FVR…

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