Activities for post Thanksgiving break and beyond!

activities for post thanksgiving break

I have been meaning to share this video that I used for MovieTalk last trimester with my Spanish 1 class!  It is called ¡Hola Llamigo!  It is a cute story about a boy who loves to take care of the llamas on his dad’s farm, but they all end up going to parties to become piñatas.  Then he befriends one of them and is worried that he will be sent off, too!  My students really enjoyed it.  Many teachers are able to just tell the story, but most of my students prefer when I give them an outline of notes.  It also helps focus me on our key words.  At times, teachers have lamented that with comprehensible input, some students don’t feel that they are learning anything.  I believe with small changes like this, you can make your class feel more focused, help your students who need to refocus on notes and make sure that you as the teacher hit the key words that you want to use.

This was my second unit of the year in level 1.  In this unit, we talked about where students go before and after school and on the weekends.  I had done a quick exit slip the day before and noted that my students were having trouble with to go.  In this video, the boy goes many places, so we were able to keep reviewing that verb.  Here are the notes that I gave my students to guide them throughout the video.  This also helped me continue to work on the question word where.  Finally, at the end, we discussed if the events occurred before or after to continue to work on those words as well.

While I share these notes with you, you can also decide what words that work with your curriculum.  The beauty of most MovieTalks is that you can make them work for you!  I did this during the second half of our classes.  In addition, you can use a variety of activities to extend the video.  I have had one of my students write a true/false quiz throughout the video.  Then, I read the questions to the students at the end.  Each student writes down on their own notes if the question is true or false.  You can also correct anything that needs to be corrected as you read their sentences.

Another fun game to do post MovieTalk is the papelitos game.  I will give each of pair of my students a small sticky note.  I will think of true/false questions about the video.  If the question is true, my students will race to be the first to grab their paper and beat their partner.  Whichever student has the paper will earn one point.  However, if it is false, students have to leave the sticky note alone.  If a student grabs it when it is false, their PARTNER gets two points.  This makes them really have to listen to the sentence and not just grab the sticky note willy nilly.  Finally, you can always end the class with a quick Write and Discuss.  This is another way that my students feel that they are taking more “notes.”  I have also noticed that it has improved my students presentational writing.

On the second day, I had my students retell in partners using this slideshow.  They would brainstorm with a partner then share aloud to the class.  This lowers the pressure and allows them to practice.  Plus, everyone can shine as I would encourage for them to think of more details that no one else had said.  That helped with the variety.  I could also recycle some questions if I felt that my students needed to help with some key ideas.  Since I had not done a write and discuss the previous day, I had my students complete a free write for five minutes.  After they do so, I have them count the number of words, write it on the bottom of the paper and take a picture to upload it to Seesaw.  This has been a nice way to keep track of their free writes.  You can mix and match these ideas to create a new MovieTalk lesson plan for Monday!

If you want to change things up for Monday or want ideas for an upper level class, check out these resources:

  • The Salad Bowl game is one of my favorites, and I always end up in tears because I am laughing so much!  It is a fun way to review from the previous few months and get back into the swing of school.
  • The Constantinople activity can be another easy way to start back into the routine of remembering words in the target language.
  • Have you seen Dustin’s Christmas commercial bracket in Spanish AND French?!  I did this last year, and my students loved it.
  • If you haven’t tried GimKit Kit Collab, I highly recommend it!  The students can add multiple questions and then play their own Kit!
  • Or you could do a Pecha Kucha about Thanksgiving break!  Students can pick two pictures that represent their breaks and have 20 seconds to explain each one in the target language.
  • Another way to get students back into the swing of things is to do some retrieval practice.  Try some brain dumps to have students recall key words or facts from each of your units from the beginning of the year.  After brainstorming key ideas, have students create a conceptual map with their thoughts.

On Monday and Tuesday, don’t forget to participate with the TPT sale!  My store is on sale for up to 25% off.  You have to use the code cyber18 to get the discount!  I have just uploaded two new items including:

  • This unit for Spanish 2-3 with the newest anuncio out of Spain.  In it, I include an assessment to use with the unit.
  • I also created this bundle with an IPA to use for the clothes unit and supplemental material that you can use to accompany any textbook unit.  My materials include both comprehensible input activities and proficiency based activities.

Don’t forget the news!

  • Martina’s and my news articles are also on sale!  This year, since we have been collaborating, we have been including authentic resources to supplement the articles.  This trimester, I am going to focus my whole Spanish III class around these articles, so I will be publishing on my blog more ways to use them in class!
  • I have also published a long list of ideas for you to use with the articles.  They do require some combing and occasionally minimal prep, but they will stretch the articles into at least two days worth of lessons.

Finally, I hope to spread more professional development through my store.  I know that not everyone can see me live, so I have added these two videos to explain how I balance both proficiency and comprehensible input in my classes.

  • I have a longer video on how I combine both CI and proficiency in my class with an outline of a unit in my class.
  • In addition, I share how to create an IPA after teaching a novel with ideas that I have used as well.

I hope that you can pick up some resources that you have been eyeing, and you have a wonderful day back from break!



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