Another quick warm-up or wrap-up activity

I like to do this activity as a warm-up after a break.  I got this activity from this website.  It is a quick warm-up, and it gets our brains back into school and Spanish.  I write the word “Constantinople” as an acronym (I write each letter on one line on the left side of the page).  Then the students have to come up with a word that starts with each letter in Spanish.  This could be done in any language.  I normally allow them to work in partners as well.  Sometimes we make this into a contest, and we see who can complete the word first.  You could also see who writes words that no one else repeats.  Depending on the class, I may limit them and tell them that they can only use one month or one number etc.  You could also choose more culturally appropriate names like the name of a city or country.



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