GimKit 3.0! Coming out soon!

GimKit 3.0!

My students and I LOVE GimKit!  It has somewhat of a legendary status in my school as well.  I have been anxiously awaiting GimKit version 3.0, and it looks like it will not disappoint!  Here are some of the updates that I am excited about:

  • The main upgrades are around upgrading the game, so students don’t know how to to conquer the game so easily.  (Josh rewrote the whole game over the past 6 months!  Whoa!)
  • One of the design changes is that the students will see both the question and correct answer when they are playing if they make a mistake.
  • In the shop, students will be able to purchase themes.  This doesn’t necessarily give the students a competitive advantage, but it is more of a cosmetic upgrade.  It also changes the theme on the leaderboard.  GimKit 3.0 will start with a Halloween theme for only $5 for students to buy!
  • In addition to upgrades, students can also buy power-ups.  Power-ups range in benefits, but students can only buy and use them once.  Therefore students have to strategize when they will use them.  Also, the power-ups get more expensive the more money that you have!  This helps people at the bottom of the leaderboard get closer to the top.
  • Some of the power-ups are basic: either a second chance power-up to answer a question again or a fifty-fifty power-up which eliminates two of the options.  Some other power-ups include a megabonus which can multiply your earnings or a minibonus which can do the same.  Another one is a discounter that you can use to discount everything in the store for 2 minutes.
  • In addition, there are some attack power-ups like the subtractor or reducer.  With the subtractor, you can subtract from someone’s overall winnings.  With the reducer, a player’s per question answer will be limited by 50% for a minute.  Finally you can use a shield that will block people from using an attack power-ups on you for 60 seconds.  If you play in teams, each player can purchase and use power-ups separately, but the attack power-ups are used against a team.  If you don’t want your students to use them, then you have the ability to turn them off.
  • You can now search for other kits!  This way you can find other kits quickly and easily.  You can also edit and remix the kits.  The ability to edit the kits only goes along with the paid version.  However, the free version allows you to search and play any kit.  This will help people who are on the fence about upgrading.  You will be able to try more kits before deciding.
  • Along with this search ability, by default, your kits will be public.  You can edit it and make them private.
  • Also- there will be more than 100 languages available now!  Yay for foreign language teachers (who if I do say so myself, were the early adopters of GimKit!)  It will be done by a service, so it won’t be perfect, but I am sure if you see any errors, you can contact Josh to fix it.  The hosting screen will also be in a foreign language now.
  • Finally, you can have students make their own kits WITH YOU for Kit Collab!!!  I LOVE THIS!!  I keep using Triventy because of this feature, but to really love the ability for students to collaborate with you.  Currently, students are only able to add one question per kit.

This will come out October 13th to try!  I encourage you to try it and to try the paid version.


9 thoughts on “GimKit 3.0! Coming out soon!

    1. It is much more engaging for my students- although they also love Quizlet Live. Most students don’t love Kahoot that much anymore. I go over the basics in my first GimKit article if you want to check that out!

  1. The new update sucks. It kept kicking my latin class. We counln’t get our money because it kept forcing us to refresh our page and when we denyed, it stopped giving us our money.

  2. I am brand new to GimKit – and decided to pay for the year. Do you know – on the KitCollab – can kids submit multiple questions each? I am hoping to make a huge CLEP review and want students to take ownership of parts.

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