Brillante Viernes: September 14, 2018

Brillante Viernes: Sept 14

Happy Friday!  For us, this was the first week back in the full swing of things.  Everything is getting back into a routine, but I am glad so many teachers on Twitter could identify that planning takes SO much longer.  It is literally like I have no clue what I did last year.  OR if I did meticulously write it down (ahem Spanish level 1 first unit!) some of the resources have disappeared and I have to redo some plans anyway.  But, at this point, we are well on our way into acquiring more and more language.  I hope that this weekend, you can check out some of the following posts:

  • If you don’t read any other posts, read THIS ONE by Justin!  (And know that it is the truth)
  • Check out how Señor Fernie is using El Mundo en Tus Manos and Newsela in his classes!
  • As a big fan of professional development and conferences, I hope that many big conferences can take Sara-Elizabeth’s crowdsourced tips into consideration.
  • Ink and Volt is fast becoming one of my favorite non teaching blogs!  Check out this post on daily goals and how to get more done in one day.

Flashback to previous posts:

  • I still love PearDeck vocabulary (and it is one of my students’ favorite activities!)
  • I continue to use this template at the beginning of the unit to help guide my class since we don’t use a textbook.
  • Ideas to check for reading comprehension

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