46 pages to add to your FVR library for free!

Collection of noticias 2017-2018

Ok- I will admit, I totally went with a click bait title there!  But it is true!

As I have admitted to before, organization is not strong suit.  I have started to become better about it, but it still falls to the bottom of my list.  Organized me would print off copies of my news articles from the past year and then store them in a binder for later students to read later or the following year in my FVR library.  But, as I have discussed with my husband, I cannot compare myself to a version of me that doesn’t exist.

So instead, I stick all of my news articles from the past year into one huge PDF.  Then I can hit print once, and I am set!  I figured it this helped me- it could help you too!  This way, you can print them all in case you missed some.  You can then put them all in a binder in one fell swoop for Free Voluntary Reading.  You could also print off a few copies if you are just starting your library.

2017-2018 Noticias

If you are looking for more Spanish stories to add to your FVR collection, I recommend looking at Viviana’s post with a HUGE list of stories.

Another perfect place to start printing articles is the Revista Literal.  This magazine has tons of articles written each month by Spanish students.  It is extremely engaging, and students are able to understand it easily.

In addition, Mike Peto is the one who introduced me (and convinced me) to FVR.  You can check out his map to transitioning to FVR.

Finally, if you like these articles and would like new articles for 2018-2019, I am pairing up with Martina Bex to write a newsletter for next year.  We have already started brainstorming some of them, and I am so excited for them!

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