Best of 2018!

year in review 2018

Every year, I like to reflect back on posts that have reached a lot of readers in case you missed them.  This year has been a busy one for me as I have had four preps and two new sans textbook classes.  I am grateful for everyone who shares ideas online that makes my non-textbook life feasible!  I am also grateful for my colleagues who help me reflect and grow.  And of course- my blog readers and my PLC that keeps growing and increasing.

Another big change for me this past year has been working on the We Teach Languages podcast.  You can see my podcasts this year on the guest list.

Here are my top five posts from this past year:

  • My top post was a round up of my news articles from the past year.  You can print out 46 pages to include with your free voluntary reading library!
  • GimKit was one of my favorite games to use in class last year- and it was others’ favorites as well.  If you haven’t used it, you can check out more instructions in my post.
  • As I continued to move to basing my curriculum in novels, many others felt the same way.  My first post on Piratas was the third most popular post this year.
  • It has been fun to connect via Flipgrid this year!  I hope to continue to do so in the coming months.
  • Finally, my fifth most popular post was 21 ideas for teaching with novels.

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