July recap

july recap

And there goes July!  Weeks seem to past quickly in the summer!  My family took a trip down to the Keys in Florida, and it was gorgeous.  I have also been busy at home.  My son and I play tourist in our town (Maryland/DC) and go to all of the fun places/museums.  Next week, we are going back to Virginia Beach to spend some time, and I will be geeking out because I get to meet THE Matt Miller!  (I have also been watching a ton of his videos from the summer Ditch Summit!  You still have time to sign up.)

A big project that I have been thinking about for months is trying to get some professional development for teachers online.  I know that it can be difficult to get to a variety of conferences, and I wanted to make it feasible for everyone.  I put some of my videos online for teachers who can get a glimpse into how I teach.  Currently, I have:

I have a few ideas for other topics that I can do, but I would love to hear other topics that people need help with!

Also next week, I am planning my back to school week of posts.  Each day, I will share a post that will help you get ready for back to school.  My schedule is:

  • Monday: First day of school lesson plans
  • Tuesday: Curriculum changes and updates
  • Wednesday: How to start a year without a review
  • Thursday: Favorite back to school buys
  • Friday: Back to school round up resources on other blogs

In case you missed any of these posts from July, check them out!

  • Annabelle Allen’s post is ESSENTIAL back to school reading.
  • If you missed iFLT, make sure you don’t miss CI Peek’s blog posts to summarize parts of the conference.
  • Martina has been writing some great introduction to CI posts about MovieTalk and TPR.
  • These posts are a fascinating way to document student growth!
  • Also Allison’s post on how to rock your first year teaching is a great one!  (Even if you have been teaching for a few years 🙂

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