Brillante Viernes: November 17, 2017

Brillante Viernes November 17

Happy #ACTFL Friday!  I know that even if we are sitting at home, all foreign language teachers are excited by the sharing of ideas that will be happening in Nashville and through Facebook and Twitter this weekend!  If you are going to ACTFL and want to share any takeaways, you can share them in the comments here, and I can collect them and post them as well.  If you are hanging out on your couch, reading tweets like me, check out some of these amazing posts from this week as well:

  • La Maestra Loca is the queen of brain breaks!  Check out her newest PD here!
  • I love Kristy’s ideas to get more input for students.
  • This room is amazing!  I especially love the posters that help with circumlocution.
  • Check out Google’s Arts and Culture section.
  • On Facebook, Angie Dodd shared this AMAZING selection of novice Spanish readers!  I am going to print these off before I start FVR with my level 1.  Now no one has an excuse of not having enough money to get readers in Spanish!!

Flashback to my previous November posts:

  • If you are printing things off the web, use print friendly!
  • How to change slowly (and not drop everything you are doing)
  • My Spanish II class has loved Te mueves tú- so I need to introduce them to Muevete!
  • The Latin Grammys were Thursday night!  Have students do a Fashion Police activity today or Monday!
  • Also, I will do this with my students as well before Thanksgiving.

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