Pre-Thanksgiving Pictures and Activity

Photo booths seem to be all the rage at parties and events recently!  Why not- people love pictures of themselves.  Recently, I found these free Thanksgiving themed printable props for a photo booth.  I thought that they would be great for a pre-Thanksgiving activity.  Your students bring their laptops or cell phones.  Give them 5 minutes to take as many pictures as they like with the props.  (You could also drag out any hats/props that you have.)  Once they are done, give them a series of prompts to write in Spanish:

-Create a series of pictures to tell a story.

-Describe the photo.  What is everyone doing?  What did they just do?  What are they about to do?

-What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?  What are you looking forward to for the holiday?

This will keep students engaged the last day before break when we are ALL antsy and ready to celebrate!  My husband’s whole family will be together for the first time at Thanksgiving, so we cannot wait.  (Or you could just download the props and use them at your own Thanksgiving celebration!)

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