Fashion Police: Latin Grammys

The Latin Grammys were this past Thursday.  It is a great source of authentic culture, and it is interesting to students.  I love seeing what everyone is wearing!  People En Español featured the Latin Grammy Worst Dressed List of all time.  This would be perfect for a review of clothing or to introduce clothing.  Students can describe the outfits, or they could describe how they would change the outfit to make it better.  They could also vote on the worst outfit, and why it is the worst.  Students could describe the outfit to their partner, and have their partner draw them.  Reading the descriptions are pretty entertaining, too!  They compare Shakira’s outfit to lettuce.  Finally, students could research why each person is famous since they may not know all of these artists.  Be careful with some of the outfits that are on this list- a few are a bit more risqué, and I would not want students describing those!

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