Quick Tip: Print Friendly

Quick Tip: Print Friendly

Sometimes I feel like even though I am “techy” and can figure things out, there are so many things that I do not know!  Last year, when I would print out an article from a webpage, it would take up 5 pages and would be filled with white space and pictures.  Then a colleague used Print Friendly!  It will turn a webpage into a PDF.  To start, you put the url into the page.  Then your mouse will highlight each section, and you can click on it to delete it.  Finally, you can convert it to a PDF.   This is perfect for authentic resources because it minimizes all of the mess!  I used it on my exam with this ficha from Shakira.  I deleted her Twitter and Facebook account information because it wasn’t necessary.  It looked so much clearer than the original which will make it easier for my students to read.  It was also done very quickly.

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