Brillante Viernes: March 3, 2017

Brillante Viernes: March 3

It’s Friday!  This is the last day of the trimester for us.  We finished a test yesterday, so I am planning a little “fiesta” for my classes today.  I will blog about it next week, so you can try one in your classes as well.  One thing that we are doing is celebrating how far we have come.  Many times, I feel like I need to keep pushing myself.  I push myself to evolve my teaching.  I push myself to evaluate what I am doing and how to make it better.  I am sure that my students feel the same way.  But how many times do we stop and actually reflect on how far we have come?  Today is a day for that.  This weekend, here are some great posts to read:

  • Check out these 26 ideas for working with videos in Spanish class!  (I love #13!)
  • I have played a variation of this game and everyone has fun playing it.  I plan on doing Allison’s version next time.
  • I love how Sharon incorporated a trip to the Aquarium and used a ton of TL.
  • Check out La Maestra Loca’s presentations on brain breaks!  She has so many awesome ideas.
  • Finally look at ACTFL’s newest Lead with Languages campaign!

Here are some posts from previous years from my blog:


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