Brillante Viernes: January 27, 2017

Brillante Viernes Jan 27

Happy viernes!  This week, we have had parent teacher conferences.  I really do love the chance to talk to parents and get their perspective.  Also, it is getting close to NECTFL!  I will be presenting during the techlab!  I am really excited and nervous at the same time.  If you are there, I would love to talk to you and meet you!  Without further ado, here are some of my favorite posts from this week:

  • Elizabeth has had some great posts recently!  I keep playing around with how I am doing songs, and I enjoyed her post on La Lista (one of my favorite songs!)
  • This year, I want to keep playing around with how I use Google.  Have you signed up for the Google Teacher Tribe podcast?  I listened to the first episode, and I have already added an extension to Chrome!  Also, this Dayboard extension looks great!
  • I was really interested to read this post about how to milk a MovieTalk as I have done more of this.
  • Sara-Elizabeth hits the nail on the head about how to get along with others especially in the foreign language community.

Here are some of my older posts from this time:

  • One of my favorite interpersonal assessments- bootcamp!
  • If your school does online snow days, here are some of my tips.
  • How to work with a cultural reading from a textbook
  • One way I have differentiated my classes
  • This is one of my favorite Mana songs and perfect for beginning Spanish students
  • One of my favorite Taylor Swift lesson plans

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