Differentiating my classes

I have a few students who have more experience learning Spanish in my classes.  I want to challenge them and make sure that they also know the basics.  I am reviewing some concepts with all of my classes, but I want these students to extend their knowledge.  We are working on a health unit.  As always, I think it is important to ask: “Why would my students need to know this?”  For me, when I studied abroad, I definitely got sick.  Luckily my host “abuelo” was a retired doctor.  I could explain my symptoms to him, and he whipped out his stethoscope to check things out.  However, some of my friends had to go to the doctor.  That was my inspiration for this project.  Also, I love Speaking Latino to learn slang.  These students already know the basic vocabulary, so I used their website to add in slang.  Here is the project that I am assigning to my students:

You are in San Juan, Puerto Rico and you come down with a cold.  You do not want to spend the rest of your vacation being sick, so you visit the doctor.  Write a conversation between yourself and the doctor.  Explain your symptoms and write down what the doctor would suggest.  You are staying on Calle las Flores.  Find the closest pharmacy to pick up what you need.  Describe what the doctor recommends and what you would buy.  Your conversation should be at least 20 lines excluding a greeting and goodbye.  You also need to use appropriate Puerto Rican slang.  If you have extra time, you can film your conversation!

3 thoughts on “Differentiating my classes

  1. Hahahaha… Thank your sharing my story of “La Monga.” It is so cool that you are adding colloquial Spanish to your class and educating yous students about the Spanish differences among countries.

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