Taylor Swift= Reading and Writing

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I can assume that many of you do not follow the relationships of Taylor Swift.  It is difficult to follow.  Is she really with Harry or not?  I wanted to expose to my students to indirect object pronouns in a short story, so I wrote the following story.  (You can find a copy below.)  Taylor’s current boyfriend (unnamed) gives really bad gifts.  He gave her an apple for Christmas and vitamins for her birthday.  For Valentine’s Day, she gave her boyfriend a letter detailing the things that she wants.

I had my students read this story then they had to draft a response for Taylor from the boyfriend.  Some of my male students were happy to pretend to be Taylor’s actual boyfriend though!  After all parties had received their letters, they had to draft some furious (or not furious) text messages.  The students used the website ifaketext.com.  They had to create a screenshot of the conversation between the boyfriend and Taylor in Spanish.  Many of my students really enjoyed this activity.  Although- what is a lesson plan about Taylor Swift and her boyfriend without some angsty break-up music?  Kevin, Karla y La Banda is pretty incredible.  They have translated many popular American songs to Spanish.  While the students were crafting their texts, we listened to “We Are Never Getting Back Together” and “I Knew You Were Trouble When You Walked In.”


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