Reading activity

This past week I had my students read a cultural article in their textbook.  I decided to give my students three post-it notes to summarize in English three important facts that they found while reading.  I have discovered that this allows students to focus more on what they are reading instead of the questions after the reading.  Overall, I found it effective.  However, students didn’t know what to do with the post-it notes after they were done!  I needed to extend this activity.  Here are some ideas to make it better:

-Students could have added their post-it notes to the board then read other students’ main ideas.  This would have given them a more in-depth look at the reading.

-Students could use their notes to create a mind map of the reading.

-Students could have exchanged post-it notes with another student and found their partner’s passages in the reading.

Any other ideas?  What do you do “post post-it note?”

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