Actively Learn for Interpretive Reading

Actively Learn for Interpretive Reading

I saw Laura mention Actively Learn on Twitter as a sort of EdPuzzle for reading, and I was intrigued.  It is a freemium technology.  You can import a website or PDF to this site to add questions, links, polls or notes.  As I am finishing up the movie unit, I imported an article on Storks the movie.  As I was perusing the article, I would highlight what I wanted the students to answer a question.  You can insert a note, white out a section, add a question or insert a link.  I choose add a question to show you what you could add:


I added my questions, notes and polls, make a class and push it out to my students.  Once my students are in my class, they can see my assignments.  As students respond, I can respond to their answers.  This is what the results look like on my screen:

Screen Shot 2016-10-13 at 7.49.55 PM.png

I made the responses anonymous for the sake of my blog, but I can turn on the feature to see which student said what.  Also, there are some awesome features when students respond.  They can see what others’ say AFTER they hit submit on their question.  They can also change their answer once they see others’ answers.  Students can also see the notes that others take.  In addition to seeing others’ work, it is very easy to grade the responses within this program.  I can also give feedback individually to each student.

The drawbacks for the free version are that I can only add three articles a month.  From the material that I can find in Spanish, there is not a lot of usable material for my Spanish 2 class because I am not teaching Don Quixote to my kids!  Also, it would be amazing to differentiate by assigning different articles to different students.  That is a feature with the premium version.

Overall, I am very excited about this program!  This is perfect for a blended or online class. It would also be an excellent idea for a sub day.   I asked my trial class for feedback, and they really liked it overall.  One student felt that this was easier than answering questions via a Google Doc.  Also they liked the text boxes and liked that they could see others’ responses.  Even if they change their answer, I can still see their original answer. I look forward to continuing to work with this program this year!



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