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Noticias: 1 de febrero


Ever since Martina has done an excellent job of writing news articles, I haven’t written as much.  Today, I kept looking for something to work with my class and then just decided to write it!  I only wrote three news articles, but I found some interesting articles!

In the articles, I talked about:

  • the wildfires in Chile
  • food to eat in Colombia from the Hay Festival
  • the baseball tournament going on in Mexico

I decided to use a Google Doc, so I could easily convert it to ActivelyLearn.  I created an ActivelyLearn document.  I cannot share it here due to the platform, but here are some of the questions that I asked:

  • For the food, I took a poll about which foods students would like to try.
  • Also, I asked if students like fish or not.
  • With the wildfires, I had students convert Celsius to Fahrenheit.
  • Students were also able to look at the original article and add other information.
  • From the baseball series, the website had a list of places to visit and restaurants to visit.  Students could look there and decide where to visit.
  • We also took a poll of who they thought would win each game today.  This also leads itself to nice follow-up conversations.

One thought on “Noticias: 1 de febrero

  1. Thanks for sharing! I’m particularily interested in what’s going on in Chile as I have plans to be there this summer. So sad to see it’s still ongoing! I’m also going to check out Actively Learn tonight. Thanks for the tip!

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